Call Features

Call Features Description Monthly Fee
Anonymous Call Rejection Allows you to program your phone to not accept calls form callers who have intentionally blocked their ID. They will receive a message stating that their call will not be accepted until their identification block is removed. $2.50
Automatic Call Back Lets your phone continuously dial a number that is busy until the line is clear and the call successfully goes through. $2.50
Automatic Recall Allows you to quickly call the number of the last person who called you using *69. $2.50
Caller ID Name & Number Displays the name and number of the person calling you. A Caller ID box or a phone with Caller ID built in is required. $4.50
Caller ID Plus Allows you to see the name and number of a caller when you are currently using the phone. You must already subscribe to Caller ID and Call Waiting for Caller ID Plus to work. $1.00
Call Forward Allows you to forward all of your calls to any location. Res: $1.75
Bus: $2.50
Call Waiting Allows you to receive a call even when you're already on the phone. A tone will alert the second caller, letting them know you will be right with them. Res: $2.50
Bus: $3.50
Customer Oriented Trace Traces harassing calls and prosecute the caller if needed. Res: $3.50
Distinctive Ringing Announces a caller with a special ring. Res: $4.50
Non-pub: $5.50
Pin Number A special 4 digit code the caller must dial before making a long distance phone call. Res: $2.50
Remote Call Forwarding Res: $1.75
Selective Call Acceptance Allows you to whitelist certain numbers that are allowed to call you. All other calls will be rerouted to a message saying you aren't accepting calls at this time. Res: $2.50
Selective Call Forwarding Allows you to forward specific calls. All other calls will be handled normally. Res: $2.50
Selective Call Rejection Allows you to blacklist certain numbers that are not allowed to call you. Those calls will be rerouted to a message that states you are not accepting calls at this time. Res: $2.50
Speed Calling Allows you to call emergency or frequently dialed numbers by calling one or two numbers. Res: $1.50
Three Way Calling (Conference Calling) Allows you to talk to two other parties, rather than just one. Res: $3.25
Bus: $4
Teen Line Allows up to 3 additional phone numbers to be assigned to a single. Each number is assigned a unique ringing pattern so the origin of the call can be determined before answering. Res: $4.50
Bus: $5.50
Voice Mail Lets your callers leave messages for you if you are away from your phone or even if you are already on the phone.
Silver: Acts as a basic answering machine, but without the hassles of recording tapes and machines.
Gold: Has all the options of the Silver Plan, plus email notifications, multiple mailboxes and many more features.
Silver: $3
Gold: $4.50
Warm Line Will alert a designated person with a phone call when a customer's receiver is off the hook for a certain amount of time. Res: $1

Call Feature Bundles


Call Waiting and Speed Dial

Res: $3.50


Call Waiting and Call Forwarding

Res: $3.75


Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, and Speed Dial

Res: $4.50

The Line Up

Caller ID, Call Waiting, Caller ID Plus, Three Way Calling, Anonymous Call Rejection, Speed Dialing, Call Forwarding, Selective Call Forwarding, Selective Call Rejection, Selective Call Acceptance, Automatic Recall, and Automatic Call Back.

Res: $12.95

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