2021-2022 Mountain Telephone Directory/ Calendar

Photo Contest ENTRY FORM

2 picture limit per customer


An entry form must be filled out for each picture and click "Submit".

Email digital photos to: lfannin@mountaintelephone.com

Entries must be submitted by 4:30pm June 1, 2021. The photographer must be an MRTC member.

Title of Photo:
Location and Description of Photo:
Mailing Address:
Physical Address:

MRTC Acct Number:

Phone Number:
Email Address:

Please read the attached contest rules.


I, hereby, confirm that I have read and understand the contest rules attached to the entry form.  Upon selection of my entry, it is agreed that my photo(s) may be used by Mountain Telephone to reproduce the cover page of a future directory. I also understand that additional entries I may have submitted may be used in the Mountain Telephone Annual Customer Calendar. My entry is submitted with the understanding that this work will not be reproduced in any other telecommunications-related publication or advertisement by anyone other than Mountain Telephone.







There is a limit of (2) DIGITAL entries per photographer.


Photo Eligibility

Employees, Board members and their immediate family members are not eligible. Immediate family includes only spouses and children.

All photos must be in color and taken in Bath, Elliott, Menifee, Morgan or Wolfe Counties.


Photo Formats

Entries may be digital images only. Digital images should be submitted by email to lfannin@mountaintelephone.com. Panoramic photos are not eligible. Images should be submitted in JPEG/JPG format (at high quality). Images must be in natural color. We will no longer accept printed photos.


Photographer/ Copyright

Entries must be submitted by the original photographer. Do not submit photos taken by anyone other than you. You must be the sole owner of the copyright.


By entering the contest, photographers agree to have their submitted photograph displayed on the Mountain Rural Telephone Cooperative Directory or the MRTC Annual Calendar without any fee or other form of compensation.


Photos will be credited to the photographer named in the entry form. Entries will never be used by MRTC in any manner for sale. In the event that ownership of any photograph submitted to MRTC is contested in any manner, MRTC retains the discretion to disqualify that photograph and discontinue use of the photograph.


Photo Subject Restrictions

Photos must be appropriate for posting publicly. Photos considered inappropriate will not be eligible.

Photos using individuals should not be recognizable.



How to Enter

Digital photos, may be submitted by emailing to lfannin@mountaintelephone.com (entry forms can be completed online).




Entries will be judged on the basis of creativity, photographic quality and effectiveness of conveying the beauty of Bath, Elliott, Menifee, Morgan and Wolfe Counties. A panel selected by MRTC will judge the entries. All contest decisions are final.



Winner will be notified September 30 by phone and/or email using the information on the entry form.



Additional Terms and Conditions

MRTC is not responsible for computer system, hardware, software, or program malfunctions or other errors, failures, or delayed computer transactions or network connections that is human or technical in nature.


Furthermore, MRTC is not responsible for: lost, misdirected, misplaced, illegible, unintelligible, incomplete, or late entries or any act, failure to act, or delay regarding the transmitting or processing of entries.


MRTC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend all or any portion of this contest without notice if factors beyond MRTC's control, including technical difficulties, disrupt or corrupt the fair or secure administration or operation of the contest.


MRTC is entitled to interpret these rules as needed and its decisions are final.


MRTC reserves the right to disqualify any entrant that MRTC has reason to believe is not original work of entrant or does not otherwise meet the contest rules. If a winner is disqualified or determined ineligible, an alternate winner will be selected using the same judging process/criteria described above. Alternate winners are subject to all requirements set forth in these Official Rules.